Important advice for foreign users, dealers and/or distributors.

  • Due the actual Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU) from the EU and due the fact that this forum is mainly intended for the german speaking community, the administration of this forum has established the following rules for our foreign members:

    • Dealer requests from shops located (and registered) outside the EU will NOT be accepted.

    • The subscribing member should be confident with the german language in order to be able to handle and maintain the corresponding forum tasks.

    • The subscribing member should post an introduction of himself if 1 and 2 applies.

    • The suscribing member only can act as private person in this forum. Advertising or linking to his (or third pary) products is NOT allowed.

    • If 1-4 are fulfilled, and the subscribing member has a commercial link to any Shop or Commerce related with vaping inside the EU, he/she has to request a "Händler" Status to the administrators for better transparency. (If you don't know what "Händler" means, you are out!)

    Please keep in mind that this forum is intended as in information and interchange source for its members and any intent to use it for commercial or advertising purposes will lead to a ban in this forum.

    Please abstain from contacting directly (via e-mail, chat or private message) our administrators and/or moderators if you do NOT fulfill this rules. They will ignore and discard such inquiries without reply or notification.

    Best regards,

    The forum administration.[size=10]

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